Devs rule the job market [2022]

This article explains why and how Dev Reserve helps to get a dev job in a more magical-technological way.


Why we do what we do

Dev Reserve was sparked by the idea to equalize the demand for the software developers across different regions. By showing to developers that they may be even more needed in other locations, we help the companies that are in the biggest need for adding developers.

We at Dev Reserve believe that it would be foolish not to take advantage of the possibilities that technology allows. Thanks to technology it is possible to make the hiring process more accurate and much faster for both the employer and the developer.

We are dedicated to challenging the status quo. The recruiting market has a significant number of service providers, but the advances in this industry have been rather slow. We believe we can help to speed up the process and we want to provide the best possible service.

We love tech and we love people, we are excited about the better and more interesting future created by smart people. We want to make life better!

World developer situation

The number of software developers in the world grows by ~2 million every year, but the developer shortage grows even faster because of the exponential growth in digitalization that is happening literally in every single industry.

The world’s education system has not been able to keep up the with the demand for developers, so, devs are kings and queens for the foreseeable future.

You might get a dream job by listing your dev skills.
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Another job board?

Many could say that we are trying to do something that's been solved already, but we believe that everyone can make their soda and we believe we have created something special - like the Coca Cola of sodas.

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What we are building is unlike other job boards. Our starting point was to create a marketplace-type site with an absolutely magical experience. We are aiming to create a product that enables a perfectly precise target acquisition. The core function of the Dev Reserve platform is to guess correctly what a developer wants and an employer needs.

Dev Reserve's internal benchmark when delivering new features is to constantly provide unexpected positive user experience.

The problem we are solving

It is rather difficult for the employer to describe the job and related stuff in detail - the environment, peculiarities of the work, team culture etc -, and it is rather difficult for the candidates to explain their knowledge, skills and expectations in detail, so we are trying to build a bridge over this chasm.

The process of finding a perfectly fitting developer has more problems on the recruiter side than on the candidate side, but this article is about the developer's side portal.

Software developers are de facto modern time kings and queens, but they are not always treated like ones.

If you are a mid- or senior level developer, you suffer from the continuous flow of spam offers, but you don't have to tolerate this - you can ditch the time wasting services.

Focus: devs only

The problem with job boards is that they typically have a broad focus. You cannot serve anyone well if you want to serve everyone. 

Dev Reserve is super focused. On the devs that is. Dev Reserve is more focused than software development in general and much more focused than IT, not to speak of general HR.

You might get a dream dev job by listing your skills at Dev Reserve

We have to apologize to project managers, analysts, designers, team leads and other roles that are present next to software developers - Dev Reserve is not designed to cater the job offers for these roles. Of course you can try us out, but please don't expect any special experience.

We do everything to provide the best possible customer experience and user experience to developers - is it front-end, back-end, full stack, or any other variation of the developer job. QE (quality engineering) and QA/testers, too.

We even named our firm consciously in a way that prevents us having the possibility to widen the focus.

For developers, Dev Reserve is an oasis in the middle of the spam desert. A developer land. Via Dev Reserve you only get job offers that are a match with your expectations. 

Here is how Dev Reserve does it

The aim is to solve the problem of perfect match.

We consider it important to use as much as possible every bit of information that's quality is better than the result of guessing. It is important to guess less and to go more after the information.

We start by matching the set of skills. Every set of skills comprises not only the skills, but their levels (we have more levels than junior, mid-level and senior) and the importance of the skills for any particular job. The skill set match is one of the factors that contributes to the overall match.

In essence, skill match is not as important in getting a job as one would guess, but it is important because a less than excellent match means there is no point to match anything else.

At Dev Reserve, we believe in constant learning and consider it important that developers can specify in their profiles which skills they would like to learn next, if they wish so. This is a small thing, but adds to the whole. Profiles with some skills marked in the "Skills I'm interested to learn" section look better than those without.

The system takes into account your salary expectation, so you can be sure that once you are offered a candidacy, the pay for this job would be in the ballpark of what you want to get. Salary negotiations can be difficult for many developers and getting the numbers straight even before you start talking to your next potential employer is a great way to improve the odds for ending up with a dream job. The higher the dev wages get the more uncomfortable it gets if you have to talk about the salary number you think is fair considering the market situation.

It is important to note here that the employer interviewing you will not know how much money you want (only that has matched your minimum). So, the pay offer might even come as a good surprise to you.

Our promise to developers is: only matching offers, no spam and anonymity until final round.

How DR works for the developer

As far as we are concerned, the times of putting effort into making a CV or a full resume using a template are long gone. At least for devs, because all devs are wanted - there is a vacancy for every developer. It is a developer hegemony and it really pays to be a developer.

Here is how looks from the developer's viewpoint:

1. List your skills, skill levels, what you want to learn and earn, residence and work location preferences (wherever, near you or remote). Of course you can enhance your profile with portfolio-style text, but it is not a requirement - that is up to you how you decide to promote yourself. Maybe you are straight out of school or university and look for an internship or an entry level job and you don't have anything to show yet. That is also okay, because Dev Reserve is for every developer, from the very beginner up to the enlightened guru.

2. Receive offers. Getting a candidacy offer means your requirements are matched and you just decide if to proceed or not.

3. If there's an offer you cannot let go by, make a 1-2 minute intro video or audio clip about yourself based on the screening questions pre-defined by Dev Reserve. This gives to the potential employer a sneak peek into your personality and soft skills before the actual interview. By the way, you can still be anonymous at this stage!

As much as possible the evaluation for suitability is done without disturbing the developer.

This basically describes the dev side dashboard and workflow at the moment of writing this article. We will constantly improve Dev Reserve.

Dev is a ruler

We believe that devs are modern time superstars. Many devs earn as much as business owners without the worry for the business. It pays to be a developer.

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Hey dev!

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Let's make the dev world better together!